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World Music CD Reviews Electronica


By William Bloomhuff
Published June 22, 2006

Imperia Consequential

This disc is a mess. A lot of talent drops by the studio to help out these up and coming Moroccan DJs but the result is a nebulous, inconsistent and below-average offering. Vocalists Nina Hagen, Natacha Atlas, Sapho and others contribute vocals to this vastly overproduced trip-hop Asian Underground wannabe. The culprits who make up Dar Beida think they're onto something but I beg to differ. Finding their own distinctive voice and vision may leave them warming the bench in the highly competitive world of ethno-dance music. An interesting riff here and a compelling groove there doesn't offset jarring and ill-conceived juxtapositions and over-the-top and aggressive testosterone-driven male vocals. It's been done before-and with more style and maturity. Remember: less is more.