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World Music CD Reviews Australia & Oceania


By James Rodgers
Published June 22, 2006

Didjeridu Vibrations
Arc Music

The world-music instrument with the most unique sound would have to be the didjeridu. There is nothing else out there that sounds quite like it, and for some, it can be an acquired taste. I personally love the deep full tones and the twangy end sound, but unfortunately, this unique sound can become monotonous in the wrong hands. Luckily, Didjeridu Vibrations is put in the very experienced, innovative hands of Charlie McMahon. With more than 40 years on the instrument, Charlie is a creator, looking for new sounds and variations. For his latest release, he has created the didj horn, which sounds almost like a fuller tone on a synthesizer. Two of the songs on this all-acoustic set finds the didjeridu and the didj horns providing the full, haunting music that are disc highlights. On the other tracks, fretless bass, piano, guitar, cello, and violin accompany Charlie. By putting the didjeridu in with these instruments, besides creating beautiful music, he is pushing it closer to the mainstream. This gorgeous, highly accessible release should bring many new fans over to the wonderfully original didjeridu.