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World Music CD Reviews Electronica

Various Artists

By John Kuhlman
Published March 16, 2007

Didgeridoo—Trance-Dance I
MMCD 601

Most people probably have happier memories of the first time they heard the chthonic ur-buzz of the didgeridoo than the last (especially if it was in a commercial for shrimp-flavored toothpaste). One of the oldest musical instruments on earth, and at one time without equal in its ability to activate primal sonic circuitry, it has sadly become one of the more obvious victims of the world music pandemic, trotted out with pathetic, mind-numbing regularity to lend an unearned “authenticity” to any number of cannabis-soaked, new-age ethno-extrusions or, in the case of this album, laid clumsily atop some generically anonymous trance beats. Of course, it is what it is, more tinder for the teenage dance wasteland, and who knows, maybe the sound of the great tube, even in its enfeebled condition, will be strong enough to pierce through the haze of pig tranquilizers and whoopsie-pills and call the children home.