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The Gordon Brothers

By Judson Kilpatrick
Published April 3, 2007

Hotel Tara 2: The Intimate Side Of Buddha-Lounge
Sequoia Groove

In 2002, Sequoia Records founders David and Steve Gordon began their Buddha-Lounge series of chill-out mixes (not to be confused with the similar Buddha-Bar series started by Claude Challe). Showing no signs of slowing down, the Gordons have recently expanded their “nu-global” franchise under the Hotel Tara name (not to be confused with Stephane Pompougnac’s slightly peppier Hotel Costes series). There are favorite artists from previous Gordon projects, including Opera-to-Relax with the slowly swinging deep chill of “Fly!,” Hands Upon Black Earth with the refreshingly funky, previously unreleased “In Between,” plus Jaya Lakshmi, who sings her captivating ballad “Pancha Tattvit” over gentle acoustic guitars. Of course, this magazine is usually dedicated to covering more substantial and “authentic” global rhythms than what you’ll find on this particular compilation, but if you’re looking for soothing, mostly instrumental electronica that incorporates world-music influences, the Gordon brothers certainly don’t disappoint (and they’re also eco-friendly).