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World Music CD Reviews Celtic & Irish


By Ernest Barteldes
Published April 27, 2007

Turning Tide

Performing Scottish folk music with an gentle feel, this eight-piece group has clearly got what it takes–from the opening track, “Serendipity,” all the way to the beautiful a cappella tune “When I Get Home” (a 1928 traditional song that appears as a hidden track), there is a feel-good mood sustained throughout. Though the instrumentation is sparse, focusing mostly on the group’s vocal talents, there are plenty of chances to appreciate the chops of guitarists Trevor Smith and Gordon Tulloch, who shine on the title track and “Sanctuary,” which features an accomplished harmonized guitar solo. One of the disc’s best moments is “Full Circle,” a song that speaks of two lovers who realize that they have reached comfort with each other, and who seem to have no problem with that. Turning Tide is a thoroughly enjoyable disc that sounds fresh even after repeated hearings. Highly recommended.