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Carlton Patterson and King Tubby

By Bruce Miller
Published January 14, 2008

Black And White In Dub
Hot Pot/Cooking Vinyl

This disc features 21 dubbed out B-sides recorded by criminally overlooked producer Carlton Patterson, utilizing King Tubby's studio. Black And White In Dub, compiling sides never before available on LP or CD, holds its own with the best of Joe Gibbs or Tubby himself. The tracks are dubs of Dillinger, Dennis Alcapone, Trinity, Larry Marshall and others. Like any deep-digging collection, this finds the producer recutting the same grooves, dropping voices in and out, adding a touch of melodica, and of course, cranking the bass to bowel-loosening proportions. In this way, Patterson clearly held his own in what was surely a competitive market. In fact, there seem to have been so many records spun out from the tiny island that the streets must have been paved with 45s. This is a first-rate dub collection, up there with No Bones For The Dogs or Dubbing With The Royals.