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Sa Chit Ananda

By John Kuhlman
Published January 14, 2008

Kosmic Music

The latest release from Kosmic Music is a musical presentation of the venerable “moola mantra,” which is the devotional invocation of the three active principles of the universe, designed here to facilitate the listener’s meditational exercises. Of course, it’s difficult to measure the efficacy of any recording in such a setting, but working on the premise that a certain simplicity might be desirable. The first track is probably the most effective, with the restrained, ecstatic vocals of Ananda Giri suspended in a warm but not overwhelming bath of reverb, synthetic drones, and even the faint, comforting trickle of a quietly babbling brook. The mantra is given a more musical reading on the second track, sung by a small female choir, and filled out with keyboards, drums and flutes, but its dependence on synthetic textures seems just as likely to engender a soporific torpor as to lead to any meditational breakthroughs.