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World Music CD Reviews Celtic & Irish

Flogging Molly

By James Rodgers
Published June 6, 2008


For their first new album in four years, and their fourth release on the SideOneDummy label, Flogging Molly continue doing what they do best: smoothly mixing punk and Celtic music into a frothy concoction that translates well on disc, but promises even more incredible results live. This is not meant to take anything away from Float, which is perhaps the band’s strongest and most energetic release yet, with singer-songwriter Dave King sounding more relaxed yet more pointedly visceral as ever. As tight as the music sounds, it’s hard to believe there are seven band members—all of them keeping things simple, lively, grooving and powerful, but not overpowering. King has created a few new anthems this time out—especially “You Won’t Make a Fool Out of Me” and “Punch Drunk Grinning Soul,” which ends with such energy, it should tear the roof off the band’s live shows.