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Three Sheets

By Tad Hendrickson
Published June 26, 2008

Season 2
Infinity Entertainment

American comedian Zane Lamprey seems to have landed his dream job. It starts with his obvious affinity for the inside of a bar, which he shares with a roving camera crew as they embark on pub crawls from Kentucky to Korea, Puerto Rico to the Philippines, Wales to... well, you get the point. Like the adventurous chefs on the Food Network, Lamprey mixes it up with the regulars on each half-hour segment of this Mojo Network show (Season 2 boasts 10 episodes, plus bonus footage), fearlessly guzzling the local libations while also giving brief history lessons on the customs. His playful and edgy tone, which recalls Jon Stewart without the politics, reveals Lamprey as a guy who’s priceless good fun for a night of drinks. And it’s hilarious to watch how smashed he gets: for his hour-long New Year’s Eve in New York City, he hits nine different bars for at least one beverage per stop, while his binge in Seoul finds him playing drinking games with a rowdy bunch of Korean businessmen. Whether he’s streaking with his friend Steve in the heart of bourbon country, or dispelling the myth of hangover-safe saki (speaking of which, each episode ends with a local hangover cure—a true fullservice show), Lamprey will give you hours of inebriated joy without ever leaving your couch.