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World Music CD Reviews North American

Various Artists

By Matt Scheiner
Published August 22, 2008

Micron Music Presents: Every Mouth Must Be Fed
Pressure Sounds

Micron Records Limited was a small setup on Retirement Road in Kingston that housed the creative works of various producers and musicians, and this artfully prepared collection of rare cuts and rhythms brings some of their best sessions back to back life. Pressure Sounds’ reggae compilations often spin like novels, offering slices of musical history and giving the songs a palpable gravity by placing them in context. To that end, Pete Weston & The Flames’ “Revolution Is For The Chinaman” is a solid vocal tome from one of the little-known producers who ran the Micron imprint. The 20-track album also features heavy hitters like Junior Byles (“Lorna Banana”), I Roy (“Message From The Top”) and U Roy (“The Right To Live”), as well as instrumentals by Tommy McCook and Bobby Ellis. King Tubby balances the album with quality dubs and versions, but the top track is “Wages Of Crime” by Joe Higgs, whose unique R&B voice runs sweet and smooth.