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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Plastilina Mosh

By Marty Lipp
Published September 25, 2008

All You Need Is Mosh

This duo out of Monterrey, Mexico, have pushed into commercial success despite their alternative hearts. On its latest, Pastilina produces songs that have a shot at mainstream success,  thanks to the funked up pop of tunes like “Jonaz Goes to Hollywood.” Everpresent, though, is the group’s readiness to toss in something unexpected - an artfully artless guitar break, some loopy lyrics or an odd found sound. Named after a type of modeling clay familiar to Mexican children, the duo does show itself to be bend-able. Album tracks jump from punk to funk, from electronica to radio-friendly pop. They sing in both English and Spanish, while the music has little evidence of Latin styles. They dwell in the demimonde of hipster irony, though that starts to get uncomfortable with some spurned-boy misogyny. On the other hand, songs like “Cut The Crap” could be seen, like many pop songs, to be gender-switchable. The album starts off strong, but has some weaker cuts mixed in as it progresses, though it certainly has more hits - as varied as there are - than misses.