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Live Reviews

Eddy Marcano & Trio Acustico
November 7, 2008

By Ernest Barteldes

Americas Society
New York, NY

A packed room greeted Venezuelan-born violinist Eddy Marcano as he took the stage with Hector Molina (quatro) and Jose Layo Puentes (double bass) to perform a selection of songs from their native land.


After greeting the audience in Spanish (with translation provided by music director Sebastian Zubieta), the trio kicked off with a waltz entitled “San Jose,” an uptempo number that immediately resonated with the audience – the tune had a certain Argentinean feel to it with touches of jazz, giving much room for improvisation. He quickly followed that with Alberto Valderrama's “Los Tiestos De Maca,” a high-energy and demanding meringue piece. The same kind of energy was featured on “El Tamarindo,” a joropo that was entirely centered on the quatro.


The danza “Lamento Marino” cooled things down, allowing musicians to stretch the notes a little longer, creating a lingering, dramatic effect. The tune also had some improvisational moments in which each musician individually showcased his musical prowess.


During a brief break, Marcano explained that “Vals Corzo” was originally composed as a waltz, but that the trio preferred to take it in a completely different direction, performing it instead as a playful danza with elements of classical and jazz added into the mix. Halfway through the number, Marcano began fingerpicking his instrument for an elaborate pizzicato solo.


Marcano saved the best for last with his own “Cadenza Com Pajarillo,” which featured a breathtaking solo from Molina (who virtually stole the show with his highly accomplished

Work) and was rewarded with a standing ovation.


Though a bit short in duration (roughly 45 minutes), the performance gave us an idea of what music from Venezuela – which doesn't always reach the mainstream as like the music of Argentina, Colombia and Brazil  – is about. Even though they can’t always play together due to geographical constraints, the trio had great chemistry together.