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Global Rhythm Contributors

Iris Brooks

Iris Brooks is a writer, musician and world traveler. Her musical adventures include folk drumming with untouchables on the roof of a mud hut in Benares, India, a pennywhistle serenade for penguins in Antarctica, a concert on the equator with a gamelan ensemble at the Borobudur World Heritage site in Indonesia, and a live "sound safari" performance with the birds of Zimbabwe while paddling down the Zambezi River. Her more formal concert appearances as a flutist include Carnegie Hall, the Smithsonian Institution and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Brooks received a Watson Fellowship to study bamboo flutes in Asia and has performed internationally in China, Canada, Bali, Belgium, Java, Japan, Iceland, England, Egypt and Holland. She has also served as the editor for EAR  Magazine, the NY Philharmonic, and the Lincoln Center Festival. Her book, New Music Across America, was published by the California Institute of the Arts and her writing for Jali Kunda: Griots of West Africa and Beyond (Ellipsis Arts) was nominated by NAIRD for best liner notes. Over 100 of her music and arts/travel articles have been published in a variety of magazines. She has written for GLOBAL RHYTHM for over a decade.

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