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Global Beat Fusion

By Tom Pryor

Derek Beres
Outside The Box

Longtime GLOBAL RHYTHM readers will no doubt recognize author Derek Beres as the former Managing Editor of this very publication, and his first book reads like a culmination of his many years working in the world music realm. Global Beat Fusion is a very personal meditation on the convergence of music, technology and faith in the global marketplace. In his own inimitable style, Beres weaves these divergent strands together through a series of portraits of movers-and-shakers in the world music industry. From interviews with artists like Cheb i Sabbah, Ojos de Brujo and Karsh Kale, Beres posits that electronic musicians worldwide are creating a new global mythology by translating traditional and sacred musical forms into digital formats. His interviews with various managers, publicists and bookers build up a portrait of the industry as it is today, while prognosticating what the future might hold in store, both for world music and, quite possibly, for the music industry as a whole.